Currently in our 122 “sbiINTOUCH” branches, thousands of customers are already experiencing a new way of banking.

122 sbi INTOUCH Branches and growing

35.97% Mobile Banking Market Share in value term

Keeping with the tradition of adapting our product lines and services to changing requirements, SBI is committed to engage with our young generation as early as possible. With the expansion of our “sbiINTOUCH” branches across 70 districts of the country, we took an assertive step in being the new benchmark in branch banking. Today, within a short span of two years, we now have 122 “sbiINTOUCH” branches that are already being experienced by thousands of our customers. “sbiINTOUCH” realises our vision for integrating the huge network of bank ecosystem and the digital/mobile platforms together to provide a world class banking experience to the customer. These outlets are equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets and machines, which allow customers to transact on a self-serving mode and with both onsite and remote expert assistance.

Mobile smart phones have also made a shift on our working and social. At SBI, we are focused on placing Mobile Banking functionalities in the hands of our customers to enhance their convenience, to build strong relationships, to reduce costs and to keep strengthening our brand. The Bank is currently the market leader for mobile banking services in India with 1.77 crore users and a market share of 35.97% in terms of value of transactions.

Similarly, SBI recognised the trend towards cashless society early and has taken concerted steps to be at the forefront of establishing a deep ecosystem for plastic money. Today, it has the largest comprehensive electronic infrastructure in the country to accept payment through Cards. With more than 3 lakh POS terminals deployed in the market, we are amongst the top four transaction acquirers in India with the largest number of merchant relationships amongst Public Sector Banks. When it comes to issuing cards to our customers, through our joint venture SBICPSL, the SBI Group is the 3rd largest Credit Card issuing company with a base of 35 lakh users and 12% market share in terms of spends. When it comes to debit cards, SBI alone has a base of more than 23 crore users.