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Please fill in your details for Car Loan

1.Full name of first/sole applicant  
2.Name of the Co-applicant (if any)  
3.Address 4.State
5.City 6.Pin
7.Select nearest Car Loan Sales Team  
8.Name of the nearest Branch
9.Mobile/Land line phone(with STD code)
10.Email   11.Permanent Account Number (PAN)
12.Date of birth  
13.Relationship with bank  14.Highest educational qualification 15.Employer type
16.Cost of vehicle (on road price) / please enter in figures only
17.Loan amt. required/
please enter in figures only
18.Repayment period 
Income details( in figures only, do not put characters like (,) etc.)
19. Gross monthly income of applicant(s)
(as per latest salary slip (for salaried person)/ Income Tax Return duly acknowledged (for others))

20.Total monthly deductions(for nil under any head please enter (0) )

1) Income tax
2) PF Contribution
3) Existing Loan EMIs
4) Profession Tax
5) other deductions, if any
21.Net Monthly Income (Auto generated)
22.Net Monthly Income of the Co-applicant 
Net Worth details(for nil under any head please enter (0) )
23. Specify total of assets in in figures only.
1) Immovable property: House/land
2) Liquid Asset:  
i)Bank Deposits
iii)Gold Ornaments
iv)Mutual Fund Units
vi)Other Assets

Total assets
(Auto generated)

24. Specify total of outstanding existing liabilities in in figures only
1)Housing Loan
2) Car Loan
3) Personal Loan
4)PF Loan
5) Other Loans
Total liabilities
(Auto generated)
25.Net Worth(Total assets-Total liabilities) 
(Auto generated)
26.Expected Loan Avail Date  


  • Loans at the sole discretion of the State bank of India. Conditions apply
  • The provisional offer letter is based on the information submitted by you and before the information is being verified by the bank. The online eligibility and offer shown is tentative and is subject to change based on verifications by State Bank of India.
  • Applying online does not mean that State Bank of India has approved your loan.
  • State Bank of India or its agent(s) will not be responsible for the delivery/colour/make/performance of the asset applied for under this application.
  • The information and material content on our website is intended for general understanding and for any additional information you are requested approach the nearest Branch.
  • SBI reserves the right to change/ alter/ modify the scheme without prior notice and the applicable rate of interest, processing charges etc on the date of sanction would be chargeable.

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