Scheme:   SBI Innovations & Software Factory, GITC, Navi Mumbai intends to engage students of final year from recognized and reputed academic institutes to work on innovative (emerging technologies/ innovative business ideas/ practices. The scheme is open for final year M.Tech./ MBA students from recognized and reputed institutions.

Period:    The period of engagement will be up to one year for M.Tech students and up to six months for MBA students.

Stipend:    Stipend @ Rs.12,000/- p.m. will be paid to the project students. However, in case of deserving candidates/projects higher stipend may be paid.

Benefits to Students:   Students will get a chance to work on Emerging Technologies and on Themes and Use Cases in Banking Industry. It will help them to ideate/ invent/ develop products and services. The students will get opportunity to work on practical / live projects in Banking Technology.

Location:    Students will work at IT Innovation Centers of State Bank Global IT Centre located at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. Bank may also explore possibilities of conducting the activity at Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. The location would be decided by the Bank depending on requirement of the project.

General conditions:


  • The application should be submitted online in the link given below.
  • Selection will be done by a panel of the Bank and will be final. An interview may also be conducted for selection. No charges will be paid to the student for attending the interview.
  • Selected students have to submit Annexure-I and Annexure-II, duly forwarded by the Head of the Institution, within a time period stated by the Bank, failing which the selection will be deemed as cancelled. The Annexure –I and II will be sent to the students upon their selection through email.
  • Project students shall sign a non-disclosure agreement stating that they shall not disclose to outsiders or use any information that they may come across in the Bank during the course of their project work. They should also undertake to indemnify the Bank for any loss suffered by the Bank as a result of any action taken by the student during the course of his/her project work.
  • Bank anonymity should be maintained while submitting the project report to their parent institutions.
  • A copy of the project final report to be submitted to the Bank with the institute’s certificate.
  • The project report technical coverage and depth, meeting the requirements of course completion, shall be the responsibility of the student’s internal guide of the parent institution.
  • The project artifacts are the property of the Bank. Bank will have right to obtain Patent or IPR from the output of the project.
  • Student has to handover any materials/ books taken from the Bank and obtain no dues certificate from the Bank before leaving the project. The institute may insist upon the student to produce no dues certificate from the Bank for completion of his course.


  • Registrations are now closed

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • 1. What is the project starting / reporting date?

    Ans. Selected students will be asked to report to the Bank’s premises from 1st May, 2019.

  • 2. What if a student is not able to join on 1st May, 2019? Will extension be provided to the selected student?

    Ans. Though our project engagement commences from May, 2019; it will be in-sync with the academic calendar of the students’ individual institutes.

  • 3. Will employment be provided in the Bank after successful project completion?

    Ans. No.

  • 4. What will be the no of working days in a month?

    Ans. The number of working days will be as per Bank’s working days. The same applies for holidays too. Any leaves to be taken must be approved by Competent Authority of the Bank.

  • 5. Will accommodation be provided by the Bank?

    Ans. No. The candidate is expected to arrange his own accommodation.

  • 6. Will extra allowance be paid for accommodation?

    Ans. No. The stipend is fixed at Rs. 12, 000 per month.

  • 7. How Student Engagement Program is different from Summer Internship?

    Ans. The Summer Internship program is normally for a duration of maximum 10 weeks, whereas SBI Student Engagement Program is up to One year for M Tech project work and up to six months for MBA project work as it is the requirement for completion of their course work and is also required for Bank to take the innovation projects into a logical conclusion.

Tentative Timelines:

Last day for registration 28.02.2019
Interviews 11.03.2019 - 22.03.2019
Final list of selected students 01.04.2019
Project start date 01.05.2019 onwards