Branches of State Bank of India have covered a whole gamut of agricultural activities. Some of them are:

  • Crop production, Horticulture, Plantation crops and Forestry

  • Mulberry cultivation, Rearing of silk worms and grainages

  • Allied activities like Dairy , Fisheries, Poultry, Sheep-Goat andPiggery

  • Land development and reclamation

  • Farm mechanization and Refurbished second hand tractors

  • Digging of wells, Tube wells and Irrigation projects

  • Construction of Cold storages and Godowns

  • Processing of Agri-products and finance to Agri-input dealers

  • Loans against pledge of warehouse receipts and Loans against produce stored by the farmer at his own premises

  • Loans against Book Debts of Arthias

In fact Bank can cover any other agricultural related activities undertaken.

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