For construction of shed, purchase of milch animals, milking machine, chaff cutter or any other equipment required for the purpose.

Who are eligible?
  • Individual farmers who are members of the milk procuring societies or located on milk route.

  • They should be less than 65 years of age.

  • Individual dairy unit having less than 10 animal - should own minimum 0.25 acre of land for every 5 animals for growing fodder and be in a position to procure the balance requirements locally.

  • Individual dairy unit having 10 animals and above - should own or lease a minimum of one acre of land for cultivation of fodder for every 5 animals.

Other terms
  • Only buffaloes producing more than 7 litres of milk per day and cows producing more than 8 litres of milk per day are financed

  • Animal purchase should be in 2 batches

Animals in first and second lactation alone are eligible for finance

  • 100% of the cost for loans upto Rs 100,000/

  • 90% of the cost for loans above Rs 100,000/ with a maximum of Rs 5 lakhs as Term loan

WORKING CAPITAL: A working capital @ Rs.2500/- per animal per year may be Sanctioned for purchase of feed, fodder and medicine along with the term loan

  • Hypothecation of assets created out of bank finance for loans upto Rs 1.00 lac .

  • For loans Over Rs.1 lac -Mortgage of landed property (or) third party guarantee

  • Worth for loan amount (or) group guarantee of other 2 dairy farmers.

How do you repay

The loan should be repaid in monthly installments over a period of 5 lactations.

How to apply for this loan

You may contact our nearest branch or talk to the marketing officers visiting your village.