This scheme is to provide short term production and consumption credit to meet Genuine requirements of tenant farmers, share croppers and oral lessees who do not have recorded land records and where there is no written undertaking/ document available to substantiate raising of crops by the tenant farmer/ share cropper/oral lessee. It will help increase their income from agriculture production activities.

Who are eligible?

Landless labourers, share croppers, tenant farmers, oral lessees, (also covering oral tenants & small farmers) having no recorded land records are eligible .They should have a permanent residential address proof & have been residing at the lace for at least past 2 years.

  • Migratory tillers are not eligible under the scheme.

Loan amount

Maximum of Rs 100000/ out of which maximum consumption credit will be Rs 20000/- .

What documents you need to provide
  • Proof of residence

  • Proof of identity

  • Affidavit in the prescribed format, duly notarized

Security: Nil

How do you repay

Should route the sale proceeds through the cash credit acccount

How to apply for this loan

You may contact our nearest branch or even talk to the marketing officers visiting your village.