For financing private cold storages/warehouses for on lending to farmers against Agricultural commodities stored in the cold storage/warehouse.

Who are eligible?

All private cold storages/warehouses subject to the following conditions:

  • The promoters of the cold storage/warehouse are persons of good repute and integrity

  • The capacity of the cold storage should be more than 5000 MT.

  • The cold storage/warehouse should be in good running condition and should have Registered post-tax profits for the last 3 years.

  • Conduct of the accounts of the cold storage/warehouse with our bank/other banks should be satisfactory and all their existing accounts classified as standard asset

  • New cold storages can also be considered for finance under the scheme subject to the projects viability.

Loan amount

Minimum: Rs.25.00 lacs ; Maximum: Rs.1.00 crore

  • Equitable mortgage of the warehouse/cold storage is compulsory and The value of the collateral coverage (inclusive existing and proposed loan) should be 100%. This is important.

  • Personal guarantee of the proprietor/partners/directors of the cold Storage/warehouse

How to avail the loan amount?

The disbursal of the loan amount will be restricted to 60% of the value of produce / Commodities stored and belonging to farmers to whom on lending has been done by the Cold storage/ warehouse. For this purpose, a detailed statement should be submitted by the cold storage/ warehouse enclosing photo copies of the WHRs against which on lending has been done by it. Value of Ware House receipt which is more than 6 months will be excluded for arriving at the eligible loan amount.


The limit is valid for 12 months and needs to be renewed every year. Renewal of the limit is subject to satisfactory conduct of the facility.

How do you repay the loan

The cash credit account should be brought into credit balance by the end of November each year and will continue with the credit balance till the commencement of the next season.

How to apply for this loan

You may contact our nearest branch or even talk to the marketing officers visiting your village.