CAG - A perfect strategic fit
  • Market leader image

  • Focussed attention

  • Flexible & Customer - friendly credit policies

  • Structured Products - Fundbased & feebased

  • Timely, comprehensive and assured delivery

  • Competitive pricing

  • Highly skilled credit expertise

CAG - SBI's Proactive response to emerging market needs

Created in the year 1995, CAG's'' mission is to:

  • Focus on top corporate clients

  • Establish itself as the most professional outfit of its kind in the country

  • Render world class and cost effective financial services

  • Evolve new products on a sustained basis-customised to the changing needs of the corporates

  • Stay ahead of competitors

CAG - A Symbol of excellence
a. Quality Relationship Banking

Exclusive, highly skilled Relationship teams of dynamic and motivated personnel, each attending to a select group of top Corporates providing a one-stop-shop for financial services

presently at Mumbai, New Delhi, Calcutta, Chennai and Ahmedbad.

b. Delayered Credit process

Only two stage credit process consisting of appraisal and assessment by the Relationship team and sanction by the Credit Committee/Central Board, leading to quickest response time in the industry.

c. Offer of wider and sophisticated products

Apart from a variety of core credit products including structured finance and multi-purpose short term corporate loan, CAG offers an array of customer specific products like Cash Management Product, Treasury & Forex products and Merchant Banking products in association with SBI Capital Markets Ltd., SBI Gilts Ltd. and other subsidiaries of SBI.

CAG - One point contact

Account Management Teams will aid you in securing any product from any of our various associates and subsidiaries as listed below

  • For leasing requirements through our Leasing SBU

  • Large Scale Project Finance through PF SBU

  • Capital Market Requirements through SBICAPS

  • Treasury and Investments through SBI GILTS and SBI SECURITIES

  • Receivables factoring through SBI Factors Ltd.