Q. What are the restrictions on free use of ATMs?

A. From 1st April 2009, the customers were given free access to ATMs of all banks for cash withdrawal and balance enquiry. Reserve Bank of India and Indian Bank Association has decided to modify this facility. Accordingly, with effect from 15th October 2009, a customer of some other bank using an ATM of State Bank of India can withdraw a maximum of Rs.10, 000/- per withdrawal. From 01st July 2011, a SB account customer of State Bank of India using ATMs of other banks will be able to do 5 free transactions (Financial or Non-Financial) in a month an will have to bear service charges from the 6th transaction of the calendar month onwards.For other account holders all such withdrawals will be charged.

Q. Who can apply for ATM-cum-Debit Card?

A. Any individual account holder having Savings Bank or Current Account, single, or joint account operated as Either or Survivor / Former or Survivor / Later or Survivor/ Anyone or Survivor / Pensioners, NRE account holders.

Q. When will I receive my ATM-cum-Debit Card and PIN?

A. You will receive your card within 7 working days after submitting the application, directly by Speed post at your recorded address. Kindly collect your PIN from the card issuing branch after receipt of the card and carry your card / passbook as identity proof.

Q. What are the functions of call centre?

A. Call centre gives information about following issues relating to ATMs/ ATM cards and PINs: -

  • Application status for ATM-Cum-Debit Card

  • Card / PIN delivery status

  • Lost Card/ Card blocking / Hot listing. You will be given a ticket number for further reference

  • Details of other value added services available at State Bank ATMs

  • State Bank ATM locations / addresses

  • Guidance for card usage at ATMs and for making payment to merchants at Points of Sale besides assistance for hot listing and other issues

  • Charges for usage of card related services

  • Repin request.

  • Registration of ATM transaction related financial complaints and making enquiry of status of complaint.

Q. When ATM-cum-Debit card is lost or misplaced what immediate steps are to be taken?

A. Following immediate steps to be taken: -

Contact Toll free 7x24 help line on 1800 4253800,1800 112211 (from BSNL/MTNL land lines), inform loss of card and make request to HOT/BLOCK the card and stop the operations of the card on the network.Please note to take ticket number from the Contact Centre. In case customers are not able to contact the Contact Centre for hot-listing there cards, they can approach any branch of State Bank. Inform immediately the card issuing branch telephonically about the loss of card followed by written request to make the card HOT.

Q. Can a replacement ATM card be issued in lieu of lost/damaged card ?

A. Yes, Replacement ATM card is issued at a nominal charge of Rs.300/- + GST

Q. What is the validity of ATM-cum-Debit Card?

A. ATM cards issued after 13th November, 2002 with Maestro Logo have no expiry date.

Q. If lost card is subsequently found/traced and restored to cardholder, can it be reactivated?

A. An EMV Chip based SBI Debit Card which has been blocked by the customer through any identified channel can be unblocked by submitting such request at an SBI Branch. However, Magstripe Debit Cards including Maestro Debit Cards of SBI cannot be unblocked through any channel, once it is blocked.

Q. What is Fast Cash?

A. It is withdrawal of pre-specified amount. At present Rs.100/- or Rs.200/- or Rs.500/- or Rs.1000/- or Rs.2000/- or Rs. 3000/- or Rs.5000/- or Rs.10000/- can be withdrawn from a primary account to be designated by the customer

Q. What is Cash Withdrawal?

A. Card holder can withdraw minimum of Rs.100/- , maximum Rs.40,000/- (and in multiples of Rs.100/-) per day subject to availability of balance in the account.

Q. What to do if you are getting the message on the ATM "INVALID CARD" ?

A. There could be a track problem with the card. First, the customer should try transaction on some other ATM on State Bank Group Network, and if he is getting the same message, the card has to be replaced.

Q. Does Bank bears any liability for unauthorized use of the Card?

A. No. The responsibility is solely vested with the cardholder.

Q. What is Mini Statement?

A. It is statement of account showing last few transactions, in the account.

Q. Is the facility available at all the time?

A. No, Statement of account can be obtained only when online link to customers account is available, i.e. CBS is on line otherwise it will give code 72.

Q. How can the existing NRI customers apply for ATM-cum-Debit Cards?

A. The existing NRI customers can make simple request to the branch concerned. The form for International ATM-cum-Debit Card can be down loaded from our web site.

Q. How secrecy of PIN is maintained?

A. If at any time customer feels that the PIN has been inadvertently or otherwise divulged to any one, he should change the same immediately. In your interest, we give

some useful tips about safe keeping of your Card and precautions to be taken to prevent misuse / frauds.

Q. How often PIN can be changed?

A. PIN can be changed as often as required at State Bank ATMs. This is to maintain secrecy and prevent any misuse of the ATM-cum-Debit card.

Q. What are the transaction limits for International Cards

A. Transaction limit of USD 1000 each per day per account for withdrawal of cash from ATM and purchases up to USD 1000 at POS terminal separately is permitted (i.e. total permissible withdrawal at POS terminals and ATMs will be USD 2000 per day.). However, transactions should be within limits as per RBI guidelines, which are likely to change from time to time.

Q. Who decides the exchange rate?

A. The exchange rate to convert the transaction currency will be decided by Master Card International and exchange rate to convert USD into Indian Rupee will be decided by Bank.

Q. What is the procedure for cards reported lost or stolen?

A. The cardholder should immediately contact the toll-free help line no. 1800 4253800 ,1800 112211 (from BSNL/MTNL land lines) , from abroad, to report the loss of card. The help line will ask some questions in case of domestic card and specific security questions in case of International ATM-cum-Debit Card about the cardholder viz. Fathers first name, mothers maiden name, Date of birth, year of passing secondary school examination, year of marriage to establish the identity of the caller. After confirmation, the card will be blocked and a system generated ticket number will be provided to the caller.

Q. Is Bank responsible for the refusal by any Merchant Establishment (ME) or Point Of Sales to accept or honour the card?

A. No. Nor is the Bank responsible in any respect for the goods or services supplied to the cardholder.

Q. How Can I make my SBI Credit Card payments through State Bank ATMs?

A. If you are a State Bank ATM Card holder you can make your SBI credit card payments at over 26000 State Bank ATMs.

Just follow these simple steps below: -

Registration: -
  • Insert your ATM card

  • Select the option " Services "

  • Select the option " Bill Pay"

  • Select the option " SBI Credit Cards"

  • Select the option "Credit Card Registration " , enter the desired SBI Credit Card Number

  • Your SBI Credit Card Registration request would be sent for processing. Registration is a one-time activity.

After completing the registration, you will have to wait for one working day/ 24 hours, to make a payment.

Payment: -

You can make the SBI Credit Card Payment at any State Bank ATM from the next working day.

  • Insert your ATM card

  • Select the option " Services "

  • Select the option " Bill Pay"

  • Select the option " SBI Credit Cards"

  • Select the option " SBI Credit Payment"

  • On accessing the SBI Credit Card Menu, select the SBI Credit Card you wish to pay for. You would be able to view the last 7 digits of the successfully registered SBI Credit Cards.

  • Enter the amount that you wish to pay, please enter the amount in round figures only

  • Select "Pay" to debit your State Bank Saving Bank/Current Account.

Note : - In case if you wish to deregister a SBI Credit Card, select the "Deregistration" option.

Please ensure you make your payments 4 days before the payment due date on your SBI Credit Card bill to enable us to process your payment and update your account.

Q. How Can I make my SBI Life premium payments through State Bank ATMs?

A. You can pay SBI Life premium through State Bank ATMs. To avail this facility, register option with SBI Life quoting the policy number. Form for registration is available at www.sbilife.co.in.

Q. How many banks' ATMs are available for withdrawal through State Bank ATM-Cum-Debit Card?

A. In order to increase the convenience of our customers, the Bank has entered into arrangement for multilateralsharing of ATM network with 59 Banks under NFS. Besides this our customers have access to ATMs of all other banks displaying Master Card/ Maestro/Cirrus logo across the country/ abroad.As such all our customers who are holding ATM-Cum-Debit Card can use any of their ATM. The Transaction cost on these ATMs is as under: -

Type of transaction Transactions at ATMs of NFS Member Banks(A) Transactions at ATMs of other Banks under Maestro / Master Card/ Cirrus network (In India) (B) Transactions at ATMs under Maestro / Master Card/ Cirrus network (Abroad) (C)

Cash Withdrawal for SB account holders upto 5 transactions(Financial and Non- Financial) per Calendar Month.



Rs.150/- *

Cash Withdrawal for SB account holders beyond 5 transactions per Calendar Month and other account holders




Balance Inquiry




(* Plus Service Tax and Education Cess as applicable)

Q. I transacted on on other bank ATM and my account has been debited twice/account debited and cash not dispensed / the transaction was unsuccessful. What is the procedure to get the refund for such transaction?


Q. I paid my shopping bill at Maestro enabled Merchant Establishment (POS). My account has been debited twice/account debited but the transaction was unsuccessful. What is the procedure to get the refund for such transaction?

A. Kindly reportimmediately to our Contact Centre through 1800 4253800, 1800 112211 (toll free). You will be provided a ticket number for the complaint. Later you can track the complaint with our Contact Centre using this number. You can also send SMS to them "ATM ticket number" to 567676, for e.g. ATM AT429212345. the time limit for lodging such claims is 60 days from the date of transaction.

Q. After how many days will I get my money back?

A. As per RBI guidelines, the customers account should be credited within 7 working days from the date of the complaint.

Q. I was not aware about 60 day's time frame for lodging complaint. So can I lodge the same now i.e. after 60 days? Are there any chances that I will get my money back?

A. The claim can be lodged after 60 days to 120 days from date of transaction in good faith. Credit will be provided to the customer account only after recovery acceptance from the acquiring bank. However as per NCPI guidelines, claims for failed ATM transactions done on other bank ATMs cannot be lodged after 120 days from date of transaction.

We give below some useful tips about safe keeping of your Card and the precaution to be taken to prevent misuse/ frauds.

General Guidelines/ Safety tips:
  • Kindly read carefully the enclosed user's manual and instructions on the PIN mailer

  • Sign the back of your Card as soon as you receive it

  • Use your new card on an ATM immediately to change the system generated PIN

  • Please change your PIN to a new four digit number of your choice, memorise it and destroy the PIN mailer. Preferably, change it every quarter

  • Never use a PIN that could be easily guessed, e.g. your birthday or telephone number

  • Please do not write your PIN on the card or anywhere else

  • Please keep the Personal Identification Number (PIN) secret and do not disclose the PIN to anybody including a family member or your banker. In case the PIN is divulged, please change your PIN immediately at any State Bank Group ATM.

  • Giving your card and disclosing PIN to someone is like giving a blank signed cheque

  • Please refrain from taking help from any strangers in the ATM room

  • Beware of "Shoulder surfing", i.e., shield your PIN from onlookers by using your body. Once you complete your transaction, check to be sure that you have your Card and your receipt, and then leave immediately. Never let anyone see you enter your PIN.

  • Please do not allow any other person to enter the ATM room when you are transacting on the ATM and similarly please wait outside the ATM room if anybody is already inside.

  • Please keep a separate note of your card number and associated account number. These particulars will be necessary for blocking the card in case of loss of the card.

  • Be alert. If you find signs of any external fittings or loose wiring, report to the bank/ contact centre and use another ATM

  • 24 x 7 State Bank Contact Centre number is toll free 1800 4253800, 1800 112211 (from BSNL/MTNL land lines).

Taking care of your card:
  • Your card is very important and must be kept safely

  • The card must not be kept near a TV

  • Store your Card in a secure place where you will immediately know if it is missing

  • Store the ATM-cum-Debit Card carefully so that the magnetic stripe does not get damaged

  • Never leave your Card unattended, e.g., in your car, in a hotel room or at work.

Did you know..?
  • You can get cash within 60 seconds from an ATM anywhere and at any time

  • You can check your account balance on ATM

  • You can print last few transactions of your account through ATM

  • State Bank ATM-Cum-Debit Card is a PIN based secure card.

  • Card with PIN can be used for withdrawal of money from ATMs as well payment of bills at shops, restaurants, petrol pumps, etc., which display Maestro logo.

Please note that the Bank bears no liability for the unauthorized use of the Card and the responsibility is fully of the Cardholder.