1. Can any pensioner draw his/her pension from SBI?

Ans: Yes, a pensioner can draw his/her pension from a SBI branch if he/ she is a Central/State Govt. employee or Autonomous body which has arrangement for pension payment with our Bank.

2. What should a retiring person do to draw his/her pension from a SBI branch?

Ans: The retiring person should open an account with a SBI branch and advise this account number and branch to the concerned Pension Sanctioning Authority for release of his/her pension.

3. What should a retiring person, who already draws his/ her pension from a branch of another Bank, do to draw pension from a SBI branch?

Ans: The pensioner should open an account with a convenient SBI Branch and request his/ her existing banker to send the pension papers to the SBI branch through the Govt. authorities.

4. What types of pensions are handled by CPPC?

Ans: All type of pensions - Central Govt., State Govt. etc., (except SBI/IBI pensions) which involve processing, payment and maintenance of PPOs at branch level are handled by CPPC. Payment of pension in respect of specific autonomous bodies is also handled, where specifically agreed.

5. Where will the Pensioner open his/her pension account?

Ans: The pensioner will open his/her SB/CA account at the branch of his/ her choice/ convenience (Home Branch) as hitherto.

6. Which office/ branch will the pensioner approach to complete formalities connected with commencement of his/her pension?

Ans: The pensioner will continue to complete all the pension related formalities such as submission of mandatory undertakings for recovery of overpayment etc at his/her Home Branch.

7. When will the payment of pension commence in case of new PPOs?

Ans: The payment of pension, in respect of PPOs received at CPPC up to one week before last date of a month, will normally commence from the same month.

8. When will the arrears get paid?

Ans: Payment of arrears, on account of revision of pension etc., received at CPPC up to one week before last date of a month, will normally be made along with monthly pension.

9. When should life certificate be submitted?

Ans: As per Govt. instructions, life certificate, duly witnessed, should be submitted to the Pension Paying Branch in November each year.

10. What will happen if life certificate is not submitted in the month of November?

Ans: If life certificate is not submitted in the month of November of a year, payment of pension for November and onwards is not be paid to the pensioner, in accordance with the instructions of the Govt..

11. If life certificate is submitted in a subsequent month, when will pension for November and onwards get paid?

Ans: Once life certificate is keyed in the Pension System, pension will get paid the following Monday normally (i.e., weekly basis)

12. If the pensioner has a query or requires clarification on the amount of pension paid, what should he/she do?

Ans: The pensioner should approach the Pension Paying Branch for resolution and help. The Pension Paying Branch will attend to it, with on-line help from the CPPC.

13. If the pensioner wants details of pension paid during a financial year or Pension Payment Slip, whom should he/she approach?

Ans: These details for a year would be provided to the Pensioner by the Pension Paying Branch by obtaining the details from the Centralised database.

14. Where should the pensioner submit his/her life certificate?

Ans: The pensioner can submit life certificate at any branch of the Bank either in person or through his/her authorized representative.

15. Where should a pensioner submit details of investment for claiming relief from Income Tax?

Ans: The pensioner should submit these details at the Pension Paying Branch. The certificate giving details of Income Tax deducted from pension will also be issued by the Pension Paying Branch only.

16. In case of Family Pension, which office should the dependants approach?

Ans: The Home Branch through which pension had been paid to the pensioner will be the contact point in the case of Family Pension also.

17. Which office will the customer approach for grievance resolution?

Ans: The pensioner?s grievance will be resolved at the Pension paying Branch. On-line help from CPPC will be available to the branch. The pensioner is not required to approach CPPC directly.

18. What should an autonomous body/ Corporate Customer do to avail the facilities of CPPC from SBI branches, if the autonomous body does not have pension payment arrangement with SBI?

Ans: The concerned autonomous body should approach the nearest branch to firm up and finalise the pension payment arrangements.