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(i) Avail of electronic credit of Dividend/Interest on NECS/ECS Form

(ii) For duplicate issue of instruments apply on Letter of undertaking

(iii) Avail of Nomination Facility for Physical shares

(iv) Share - Bond Transfer Form

(v) Authorization Form

(vi) DRF Sample Form

(vii) Basic Information Form

Important Coordinates

M/s Alankit Assignments Limited
Regd Office :
205-208, Anarkali Complex,
Jhandewalan Extension,
New Delhi-110055
Tel. No. 011-42541234
Fax No. 011-23552001
e-mail :
Investor Service Centre:
R.R House, Ideal Industrial Estate,
Opposite New Empire Mills,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel West,
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013.
Tel. No. 022-43481300
Fax No. 022-43481206
e-mail :

General Manager, State Bank of India
Corporate Centre, 14th Floor,
State Bank Bhavan,
Madame Cama Road, Mumbai - 400021,
Telephones : 022 - 22740841 -48 (eight lines) Fax: 022 – 22855348,
E-Mail Id :

Address of IDBI Trusteeship

IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited
Asian Building, Ground Floor,
17, R Kamani Marg, Ballard Estate,
Telephones : 022-408070008,
E-Mail Id :

Shareholder Information

Furnish your e-mail id to the aforementioned offices and receive:
  • Timely and Periodic information/updations/important announcements

  • Quick responses over e-mail

  • E- Annual Report.

Avail of the Nomination facility ( for Physical shares)
  • Please download the Nomination Form.

  • Forward the duly filled nomination form to RTA.

Opt for ECS facility
ECS provides the following benefits:
  • Direct credit of dividend amount in the Bank Account.

  • Elimination of postal delays.

  • Elimination of loss of dividend warrants in transit.

  • Elimination of fraudulent encashment.

  • No need of revalidation/duplicate issue of dividend warrants.

If your shares are held in physical form, please send your request to our Transfer Agents M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., with the following details:

a. Your ledger folio No./Client ID No.

b. Name of the Bank & Address of the Branch where you maintain a/c.

c. Your account No. in the Branch to which you want that Dividend/Interest to be credited.

d. A copy of cancelled cheque of the account to which the Dividend/Interest is to be credited.

e. On opting for the NECS, your account will be credited directly with the amount of Dividend/Interest as applicable.

DEMAT Your Shares
Dematerialisation of shares:-
  • Dematerilasation is the process of converting physical shares (share certificates ) into an electronic form..Demat account is a safe and convenient means of holding securities just like a bank account is for funds.
  • It is mandatory to have demat account to undertake trading in securities at recognised stock exchanges.
A. Why Demat A/c ?
  1. No Risks like forgery, thefts, bad delivery, delays in transfer etc, associated with physical certificates,
  2. Low transaction cost for purchase /sale of shares compared to shares in physical form.
  3. Waiver of stamp duty charges in case of sale/purchase of shares..
  4. Demat shares can be sold/.purchased./transferred anytime during trading hours (Presently 09.15 a.m. to 03.30 p.m.) and payment is credited to Bank account within 2 days (T+2)
  5. Change in address/Bank accounts details in demat accounts get automatically intimated to the companies, whose shares are lying in the account.
  6. Securities are transferred by the DP itself, so no need to correspond with the companies.
  7. New Shares arising out of bonus, split, consolidation, merger etc. are automatically splitted/consolidated/merged in to the demat account.
  8. At the time of applying for Public Issue of shares, the shares allotted are directly credited to the Demat account.
B. Procedure for opening Demat Account
  1. Please Choose a Depository Participant (DP) of your choice.
  2. There are various Depository Participants (DPs) operating in the market (like HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank etc.)
  3. One can also open demat account with SBI Caps Securities Ltd, which is our subsidiary, a Depository Participant (DP), details of which is given below for information:
  4. Address of SBI Cap Securities Ltd.(Head Office)
    • II Floor, C Wing, Mafatlal Chambers, N.M.Joshi Marg,
      Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
      Phone Numbers:-
      1. 1800223345 (for MTNL/BSNL telephones)
      2. 18002099345 (Other than BSNL /MTNL)
      3. 022-61536900 (Outside India phones)
      4. Call time- 8.30am to 6.30pm-weekdays, 9.30am to 2.30 pm- Saturdays
      5. Email Id-
      6. One can also find list of their branches by visiting following
  5. Once you choose your DP, please obtain account opening form from them and submit the same alongwith the following documents.
    Documents To Be Submitted Alongwith Account Opening Form
    1. Passport Size photograph of the Shareholders: one copy
    2. Proof of the Identity : Any one of Passport copy//photo Driving Licence with Date of Birth/PAN Card/Aadhar Card/Photo Ration Card with Date of Birth.
    3. Proof of Residence : Any one of Photo Ration Card with Date of Birth/Photo Driving License with Date of Birth/Passport copy/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/ Aadhar card
    4. PAN Card
  6. After submitting the documents alongwith demat account opening form, an agreement is required to be executed by the shareholder, which contains details of the rights and duties of the investor and DP. Please collect copy of the same from DP.
  7. There will be charges for opening of Demat account and also charges for annual maintenance of the account, which varies from DP to DP. Account opening charges are to be paid at the time of opening of account.
  8. Besides this, Annual maintenance charges are also levied

Shareholder(s) who are having DEMAT account click here

Shares in Physical Form

Those who choose to maintain their shares in physical form are advised that all communications with regard to shares are to be addressed to the Registrar & Transfer Agent, currently M/S DFSL. Information on key concerns are given hereunder:

a. Consolidation of folios

i) For the convenience of payment of dividend, transfer etc., it is desirable that the Shares held in different folios in the same names be consolidated into one folio. For this purpose, all the original share certificates along with a request letter for consolidation of folios may be sent to the Registrar & Transfer Agent, M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd.

b. Defaced / Mutilated share certificates

Defaced/mutilated share certificates are not accepted as good delivery in the share market. If your share certificate has been defaced or mutilated, but material parts, like Share Certificate no., number of shares, signatures are intact, you may forward the certificate(s) to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Limited, Registrar & Transfer Agent, with a letter signed by all the shareholders, requesting for a new certificate in replacement of mutilated/defaced certificate(s) and also furnish the details of circumstances under which the same was defaced/mutilated. In case any material parts are missing or totally illegible, it will be treated as a case of loss of share certificate and you may have to follow the procedure detailed in item No. (d) below

c.Transfer of Shares

All the columns of the transfer form should be filled in properly and admissible stamps (Special Adhesive share transfer stamps) should be affixed on the transfer form @ .25% of the market value of shares prevailing on the date of execution of the share transfer deed.

The details to be filled in the share transfer form are:

i. Name of the Company - STATE BANK OF INDIA.

ii. Name of the Stock Exchange if purchased through Stock Exchange.

iii. Number of shares in figures & words.

iv. No. of securities being transferred.

v. Consideration (Market Price as on date of execution of transfer deed) in figures & words.

vi. Share Certificate Nos. and Distinctive Nos. of shares in all the Share Certificates should be mentioned in the transfer form.

vii. Ledger folio of seller (transferor).

viii. Names of transferor(s) and their signature(s).

ix. Signatures, name and full address of witness.

x. Witness should be other than transferor(s).

xi. Name/s of the transferee/s and their signatures.

xii. Occupation, address of transferee and name of the Father/Husband of transferee.

xiii. If transferee is already holding shares give existing Ledger Folio Number

xiv. Mention value of stamps affixed.

xv. Mention the date on which the document has been executed and ensure that it should be later than the date mentioned in the stamp impression affixed by the Registrar of Companies.

xvi. Mention place of signing of transfer form.

xvii. All the transferee should sign in the place provided for specimen signature.

xviii. On the back side of the transfer form write details of Power of Attorney Holder if PA is given.

xix. Give address on which the share certificates are to be dispatched by the Transfer Agent.

xx. Affix share transfer stamps (Spl. Adhesive) in the space provided in the transfer form @ 0.25% of market value of shares prevailing on the date of execution of the share transfer deed.

xxi. The duly completed Share Transfer Form along with share certificates mentioned in the transfer form and the copy of PAN card of Transferor and Transferee to be forwarded to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., for effecting transfer by Registered Post A/D or deliver at the counter at M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., by hand and obtain acknowledgement.

xxii. SEBI vide their circular no. MRD/DDP/Cir-05/2009 dated 20.05.2009 has notified that for securities market transactions and off market/private transactions involving transfer of shares in the physical form of listed companies, it is mandatory for the transferee(s) to furnish copy of PAN card for registration of transfer of shares.

xxiii. It is therefore now mandatory w.e.f 02.06.2009 (from the date of amendment of the listing agreement) for the transferee(s) to furnish copy of PAN card for registration of transfer of shares along with transfer deed

Download Share/Bond Transfer Form

d .Issue of Duplicate Share Certificate

In case of loss of share certificate from the custody of shareholder or where share certificate sent for transfer is lost in transit before transfer, you have to immediately lodge a complaint with the nearest Police Station reporting loss of share certificate. In the complaint lodged with the police, you should state the following mandatory details:

Download Form

  • Details of share certificates viz., folio No., certificate no., distinctive no. and number of shares covered under the certificate.

  • Date of loss of certificate.

  • Place and circumstances under which certificate is lost.

Thereafter, immediately, notify the loss of Share Certificate to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., Registrar & Transfer Agent, through letter giving details like Ledger Folio no., Share Certificate no., number of shares, etc., along with copy of Acknowledged Police Complaint lodged with Police/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., will take a note of it and may decide to mark "stop transfer" against the Share Certificate. They will also arrange to send a set of documents (affidavit, indemnity, surety form, and questionnaire) to be executed by the shareholder(s) for obtaining the duplicate share certificate.M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., will issue duplicate Share Certificate, if your claim of loss of certificate is found correct and the documents submitted by you are in order, after completion of necessary formalities.

e. Non-Receipt of Shares after Allotment

If you have received allotment advice but not the Share Certificates till date, then write to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., Registrar & Transfer Agent, furnishing details including, Ledger folio no., Allotment advice no. and number of shares allotted. Enclose copy of allotment advice. In the absence of allotment advice or Ledger Folio no., please send a copy of the acknowledgment/receipt of application made for issue of shares. On receipt of the above details, Share Transfer Agent will advise the status of shares allotted and other details to you.

f. Non-Receipt of Shares Sent for Transfer

If you have not received the shares sent for transfer, duly transferred, within a reasonable period, say one month, you may write to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., giving the undernoted details:

  • Name of transferee & transferor.

  • Number of shares

  • Share Certificate number.

  • Ledger Folio no. of transferor.

  • Date of Lodgment

  • Copy of acknowledgement received on lodgment

g. Sub-Division of Share Certificates

If desired, share certificate can be sub-divided, subject to a minimum of 50 Shares (Marketable Lot). You may apply for Sub-Division of Shares to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., enclosing with the share certificate, duly signed by all the shareholders.

h. Requirement of PAN Card

Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) vide Circular No.SEBI/MRD/DoP/ SE/RTA/ Cir-03/2010 dated January 07, 2010 has clarified that it shall be mandatory to furnish a copy of PAN in the following cases –

  • Deletion of name of the deceased shareholder(s), where the shares are held in the name of two or more shareholders.

  • Transmission of shares to the legal heir(s), where deceased shareholder was the sole holder of shares.

  • Transposition of shares i.e. when there is a change in the order of names in which physical shares are held jointly in the names of two or more shareholders

Further in the said circular, SEBI has clarified that in case of mismatch in PAN card details as well as difference in maiden name and current name (in case of married women) of the investors, the RTAs can collect the PAN card as submitted by the transferee(s). However, this would be subject to the RTAs verifying the veracity of the claim of such transferee(s) by collecting sufficient documentary evidence in support of the identity of the transferee(s).

i. Deletion/Addition of name

If the shares are held in Joint Names of two or three persons and deletion or addition of name is required, it amounts to transfer of shares. Similarly, if the shares are held in single name and you want to add any person(s) as joint holder(s), it also amounts to transfer of shares. You may send your request along with share certificate(s) and duly filled in and stamped transfer form to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd. , Registrar & Transfer Agent, for necessary changes.

j. Deletion of the Name of the Deceased Joint Holder

An application signed by the surviving member, along with original or an attested/notarised copy of death certificate issued by the competent authority may be sent to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd. , Registrar & Transfer Agent and they will return the share certificate(s) after doing the needful.

k. Transposition of Shares

Transposition is the change in the order of the names of joint holders in the share certificate. The shareholders are required to send a request letter to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., Registrar & Transfer Agent, signed by all the joint holders indicating the new/fresh order in which they want the names to appear in the share certificate, along-with the original Share Certificate.M/S DFSL will verify the signatures of shareholders with the signatures available on record and if satisfied, accede to the request of shareholders and dispatch the Share Certificate to them at their recorded address.

l. Transmission of Shares

In the event of death of the sole shareholder, the information of death must be intimated to Registrar & Transfer Agent, along with the original or attested copy of the death certificate.

i. In case the shareholding is over 500 shares/ or the value of shares exceeds Rs. 10 lac, Legal heirs should obtain proper legal representations, like Succession Certificate/Letter of Administration / Probate of the Will, as applicable, and forward the share certificates together with legal representation to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd.

ii. In case the shareholding of the single deceased shareholder is maximum/below 500 shares of Rs.10 each, subject to a maximum market value of Rs.10 lacs, on the latest available quotation of the Stock Exchange, and the deceased has left no other assets in his name requiring legal representation, and there is no dispute on the ownership of the shares amongst the legal heirs, and the deceased has not left any will / testamentary instrument, the Bank may at its discretion permit transmission without insisting for legal representation. In such event Legal heirs should submit the Death Certificate and duly prescribed stamped documents as under:-

  • Download Transmission of Shares Form

  • Title Claim Form

  • Affidavit sworn in by the claimants

  • Heirship Certificate from revenue authority if issued in a particular area/Sworn Affidavit

  • No Objection Certificate from other heirs in favor of person claiming the title to shares

  • Surety Form (applicable only where the market value of shares is above Rs. 2 lac.)

    • Indemnity

a. Non-Receipt/Loss of Dividend Warrant

Write to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., under your signature, furnishing details like Ledger Folio No., Certificate. No, Number of shares, change of address, if any, and period for which dividend is not received, if the shares are held in physical form.

If the shares are held in demat form, and dividend is not received, re-check details furnished to the depository – your account no., MICR code of your branch, residential address, etc. Then, take up the matter with M/S DFSL

b. Revalidation of Dividend Warrant

The dividend warrants not encashed within their validity period, are required to be revalidated. Dividend warrant may be sent to the M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., with a request to revalidate the same and return.

Change of Address

Where shares are held in physical scripts, any change in address should be communicated in writing under the signature of shareholder(s) giving the earlier and new address, Ledger Folio No., Certificate No., Number of shares held, etc. to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd.

If the shares are in dematerialized form, you may write to your Depository Participant (DP) giving your client ID No. for change of address.

Non –Receipt of Annual Reports

Write to M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd., furnishing your Ledger Folio No., residential address, e-mail id, requesting for Annual Report. If you are holding shares in demat form, furnish your Client ID, Depository Participant ID (DPID), name of the Depository Participant & Depository. & e-mail id. M/s Datamatics Financial Services Ltd. will arrange to send the Annual Report.