Sending remittances to India for credit to your account with our bank or for your family is very simple and convenient with our wide foreign offices network and correspondent banking arrangement with about 600 banks worldwide. Wherever in the world you may be, there is our office or a bank having corresponding banking arrangement with our bank to provide facilities of remittances.

You could use any of the following ways to send the remittances.
  • SBI Express Remit Facility

  • Demand Drafts in Rupees

  • Telegraphic/wire transfers

  • Personal cheques/ travelers cheques (in person only)/ DDs in foreign currency

Demand Draft in Indian Rupees:

You can obtain a DD in rupees issued by our offices/ correspondent banks (click here) or exchange companies in UAE, Bahrain, Oman & Qatar (click here) having Rupee Drawing arrangement with our bank and mail it to the branch of SBI where your account is maintained.Rupee DDs obtained from exchange companies in the Gulf drawn on designated branches of SBI under Rupee Drawing arrangement are immediately paid on receipt or through clearing and amount credited to your account without any deductions.

Telegraphic Transfer/Wire Transfers:

For quick credits to your account you can send wire transfer/ telex transfers through our offices/ correspondent banks. Facility of transfer by wire /telex is available at branches having SWIFT/ TT drawing arrangements. For transferring funds through our corresponding banks you may furnish details in the following format.

Standard format for Telegraphic/Wire Transfer:-


Pay to

Name and address of our correspondent bank (also mention SWIFT/ABA/Routing No./CHAPS)


For credit of

FD Kolkata Nostro A/C No.
(CHIPS UID NO. if any)


Beneficiary bank and branch with Code No.

SBI.Branch (code)
SWIFT/ BIC (if available)


Beneficiarys name & address:



Beneficiarys A/c. No.



Purpose/ Invoice no./ Funds to be used for opening of FCNR/NRE A/C



Name &Address of remitter


Personal cheques/ DDs/ Travellerscheques (in person only)

You can also deposit your personal cheques drawn in foreign currencies payable at foreign centres for credit to your account or for issue of NRE/ FCNRB deposits Proceeds of the cheque collected through our own Global Link Service (GLS) or through accredited correspondents will be credited to your account after some cooling off period depending on the currency of the cheque.

For your queries in regard to remittances please look up FAQs in NRI BANKING section of our web-site