What is SBI Wealth?

SBI, the country’s largest Bank aspires to be the Bank of Choice for a Transforming India.

Recognised nationwide as the country's largest Bank and globally accredited as a Fortune 500 Company, we pride ourselves on a legacy of values that not only defines what we are, but who we are.

Growing by leaps & bounds spanning over 24,000 branches and earning the Loyalty of over 44 Crore Clients along the way, bringing you Banking beyond Business continues to be our Motto.

As an Elite individual, you truly belong to a distinct league of your own. Suffice to say, a person of your stature deserves Privileged Services. So, when it comes to your Wealth Creation, why not bank with us where exclusivity and the extraordinary go hand-in-hand at SBI Wealth!

We bring to you a world of opportunity to meet your financial needs and welcome you to experience a gamut of Products & Personalized Services tailor-made based on your Risk Profile which is backed by a best-in-class expertise from our Research Team.