Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What is SBI Wealth?

A1. SBI Wealth provides our Wealth Clients a Relationship Manager based Banking backed by a dedicated group of Investment Experts. We Offer :
  • Extensive range of rewarding Products and Services including an all-new enhanced Savings Account and SBI Wealth Visa Signature Debit Card (no charges), Lifestyle Privileges, Loan Approvals on priority, Visa Signature Cards with additional Privileges, and lucrative Investment Options.
  • Best in class Financial Products across various Asset Classes crafted to suit your immediate & long-term financial needs.
  • Enhanced Digital Platform on Internet and Mobile, which gives you access to all your information in one place and lets you carry out all your Banking and Investment transactions on the go.

The Client may avail our services through any of the channels mentioned under Wealth Service Delivery Channels.
Q2. Who can sign up?

A2. Kindly refer to the SBI Wealth-Eligibility to know more:

Q3. How do I sign up?

A3. To register your interest in signing up for SBI Wealth Management Services,Click Here or write to us at

SBI Wealth services for our NRI Clients is available in select geographies.
Q4. What are the charges or fees associated with signing up for SBI Wealth?

A4. SBI Wealth comes to you at no additional cost. In fact, it offers a host of discounts and waiver on existing charges by the Bank. However, some of the services (especially those offered by third party service providers) may be subject to additional charges. These will be disclosed to the Client before offering such services.
Q5. Feedback Mechanism:

A5. In case you would like to provide any feedback or have any grievance regarding our SBI Wealth Services, please share your comments/feedback/grievance with us at and