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State Bank of India, the country’s largest commercial Bank in terms of profits, assets, deposits, branches and employees, welcomes you to its ‘Investors Relations’ Section. SBI, with its heritage dating back to the year 1806, strives to continuously provide latest and upto date information on its financial performance. It is our endeavor to walk on the path of transparency and allow complete access to all the stakeholders enabling total awareness about the Bank. The Bank communicates with the stakeholders through a variety of channels, such as through e-mail, website, conference call, one-on-one meeting, analysts’ meet and attendance at Investor Conference throughout the world

Please find below Bank’s financial results, analysis of performance and other highlights which will be of interest to Investors, Fund Managers and Analysts. SBI has always been fundamentally strong in its core business which is mirrored in its results – year after year.




Current Information

Q3 FY 2013-14 Results

·Press Release Q3 FY 2014

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q3 FY 2014

·Analyst Presentation Q3 FY 2014

Q2 FY 2013-14 Results

·Press Release Q2 FY 2014

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q2 FY 2014

·Analyst Presentation Q2 FY 2014

Q1 FY 2013-14 Results

·Press Release Q1 FY 2014

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q1 FY 2014

·Analyst Presentation Q1 FY 2014

FY 2012-13 Results

·Press Release FY 2012-13

·Abridged Profit & Loss FY 2012-13

·Analyst Presentation FY 2012-13

Q3 FY 2012-13 Results

·Press Release Q3 FY 2013

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q3 FY 2013

·Analyst Presentation Q3 FY 2013

Q2 FY 2012-13 Results

·Press Release H1 FY 2013

·Abridged Profit & Loss H1 FY 2013

·Analyst Presentation Q2 FY 2013

Q1 FY 2012-13 Results

·Press Release Q1 FY 2013

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q1 FY 2013

·Analyst Presentation Q1 FY 2013

FY 2011-12 Results

·Press Release FY 2011-12

·Abridged Profit & Loss FY 2011-12

·Analyst Presentation FY 2011-12

Q3 FY 2011-12 Results

·Press Release Q3 FY12

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q3 FY12

·Analyst Presentation Q3 FY12

H1 FY 2011-12 Results

·Press Release H1 FY12

·Abridged Profit & Loss H1 FY12

·Analyst Presentation H1 FY12

Q1 FY 2011-12 Results

·Press Release Q1 FY12

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q1 FY12

·Analyst Presentation Q1 FY12

FY 2010-11 Results

·Press Release FY11

·Abridged Profit & Loss FY11

·Analyst Presentation FY11

SBI Q3FY 2010-11 Results

·Press Release Q3 FY11

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q3 FY11

·Analyst Presentation Q3 FY11

SBI H1FY 2010-11 Results

·Press Release H1 FY11

·Abridged Profit & Loss H1 FY11

·Analyst Presentation H1 FY11

SBI Q1FY 2010-11 Results

·Press Release Q1 FY11

·Press Advertisement Q1 FY11

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q1 FY11

·Analyst Presentation Q1 FY11

SBI FY 2009-10 Results

·Press Release FY10

·Press Advertisement FY10

·Abridged Profit & Loss FY10

·Analyst Presentation FY-10

SBI Q3 FY 10

·Analyst Presentation Q3 FY10

·Press Release Q3 FY10

·Press Advertisement Q3 FY10

·Notes to Press Advertisement Q3FY10

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q3 FY10

H1 FY10

·Analyst Presentation H1 FY10

·Press Release H1 FY10

·Press Advertisement H1 FY10

·Abridged Profit & Loss H1 FY10



·Analyst Presentation FY-09

·Press Release Q1 FY10

·Press Advertisement Q1 FY10

·Abridged Profit & Loss Q1 FY10


FY 2008-09 Results


·Analyst Presentation FY-09

·Press Release FY-09

·Press Advertisement FY-09

·Abridged Profit & Loss FY-09


Q3 FY 2008-09 Results

·Press Release 

·Abridged Profit & Loss

·Unaudited Financial Results for the period ended 31st December 2008


·Analyst Presentation

SBI H1 FY-09 Results

·Press Release

·Abridged Profit & Loss

·Unaudited Financial Results for the Half Year Ended 30th September 2008


Q1FY08-09 Results

·Press Release in connection with Q1FY09 results

·Comparison of Performance (abridged Profit and Loss Account) Q1FY 09

·Audited Financial results for the year ended 30th June  2008


FY 2007-08 Results

·Analyst Presentation FY08

·Press Release FY 08

·Press Advertisement FY08


Historic Data

·Share holding Pattern as on 31st March 2013

·SBI Financial Highlights: Past 5 years


State Bank Group Data

·State Bank Group - Financial Highlights - 2009 - 13


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