SBI has always sought to provide futuristic technology at fingertips. One step in this direction was setting up the high-tech, one of its kind, 257 sbiINTOUCH Branches equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology. These sbiINTOUCH branches cover more than 143 districts across the country. Our goal is to create a ‘Phygital’ marketplace within these futuristic branches, to offer customers banking through self-service kiosks and services of other SBI subsidiaries such as Life Insurance, General Insurance, Mutual Funds, Credit Cards, and online trading through SBI Cap Securities.

Cutting edge technological kiosks:

  • AOK: State of the art Kiosks which enables customers to open accounts with just a few touches
  • DCPK: State of the art kiosk which enables customers to instantly print debit cards with their own photograph on it
  • CDM: Cash Deposit Machine
  • ECDM: Electronic Cheque Deposit Machine, available 24*7 to our customers
  • Swayam: Passbook Printer, available 24*7 to our customers
  • ATM: Automatic Teller Machine, available 24*7 to our customers
  • Account Opening: At the sbiINTOUCH branches, banking services such as the opening of Savings Bank, Current Accounts, CSP/DSP Accounts, Pehla kadam, PPF etc. Account opening Kiosk (AOK) enables customers to open their account with just a few touches then and there.
  • Debit Card Printing: The printing of personalised photo debit cards on the spot is available by revolutionary touch technology Debit Card Printing Kiosks (DCPK).The whole process of opening an account and printing a debit card takes less than 15 mins.
  • Deposits: Cheque deposits through Electronic Cheque Deposit Machine, deposits such as e-TDR, e-STDR, e-SBI Flexi, e-Tax Saving etc. are available. Cash deposits through cash deposit machine are also available.
  • Loans: Personal segment loans such as housing, car, education, personal etc. are available at these sbiINTOUCH branches.
  • Financial Advice: Financial counselling through hi-definition Audio Video conferencing service is provided at select branches termed Remote Expert Module (REM), where customers can interact with financial experts.
  • Quick Photo Debit Card: A new service has been launched wherein sbiINTOUCH Branches will be able to provide all SBI customers having A/c, pan India, with personalised debit cards with photographs in just 5 minutes . Customers are required to bring only Aadhaar card for verification purposes to sbiINTOUCH Branches and get their personalised photo debit cards. This facility can also be used in case our customers have lost their cards or want a new one irrespective of older card.

Customers can find their nearest sbiINTOUCH Branch below