State Bank eZ-Pay Card

State Bank eZ-Pay Card

The State Bank eZ-Pay Card, a Prepaid plastic Card issued in Indian Rupees in association with VISA International, is an ideal product for making periodical payments. Payment of salaries to employees, who are required to work at different locations, is generally a difficult proposition for employers. Cards can be loaded from a single point and the funds are available to the employees immediately. It is suitable for

  • Disbursement of wages to blue collar workers,
  • Bonus to employees/ reimbursement of expenses to staff,
  • Periodical payment of incentives to agents/ commission to distributors.

One need not be SBI account holder for purchasing State Bank eZ-Pay Card. Any person, in individual capacity also, can obtain eZ-Pay Card. The SBI eZ-Pay Card is usable at all State Bank ATMs through PIN, at Merchant Establishments through by signature and over Internet for e-Commerce transactions by using secure Verified by Visa. The cardholder need not visit any Branch to withdraw his money. Balance enquiry can be made free of charge either through State Bank ATMs or through Internet.

Last Updated On : Thursday, 16-12-2021

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